Crystal and Wood specializes in making functional sacred wooden creations that are made to bring intention and healing into the home. Bianca uses wood as her medium to illustrate the universal human connection with nature. In these works, she fuses crystals with wood through an entirely new process that defies the impossible and unites two opposing elements. In each piece Bianca seeks to embody mind, soul and body to further represent connection.


Bianca has created a unique technique to bring crystal and wood together. As both crystals and woods have opposing finishing processes, Bianca had to develop a procedure to bring this craft to life where it is possible to inlay crystals into wood.


By harnessing the energy of soul in each piece, the wood becomes the container that holds the energy of the crystal, and together they represent the energy of the earth. Connecting with the spirit energies of these natural resources, in a ceremonial process, Bianca works with the crystal’s unique medicine in order to instill the crystal’s energy in each piece.


Symbolizing the versatility of the body, each piece can have numerous functions based upon the users unique desires. They can be hung on the wall, placed on a bookshelf, used as alters or serving board for nourishing foods. Each piece is a design element to bring intention and meaning into your home.

Bianca is a Venice Beach, CA artist.